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Google: We'll officially name Android P 'soon'

In the meantime, here's the fourth and final beta.


The waiting game is almost over for Android P.

Juan Garzon / CNET

You're killing us, Google.

Android P was only supposed to get three betas, you told CNET at the Google I/O developer conference in May, before you announced the official name. And yet, Android P beta 4 arrived Wednesday, and now you're blogging that the official Android P unveiling is coming "soon."

While the Android P Beta 4 update is so very close to final -- you call it "a release candidate build with final system behaviors" -- the fourth beta means we're still waiting to see what Google calls the next version of its OS. Could it be Popsicle? Popcorn ball?

The final Android P is expected to come to phones this fall. It supports a notch screen design, gesture navigation and some fresh updates to the phone's look and feel.  

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