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Google adds new reasons to install its Duo and Allo apps

Updates will bring audio-only calls and file sharing to the video-calling and chat apps.

Google's Duo video-calling app
Google's Duo video-calling app now supports audio-only calls.

Google wants you to use its Duo app for calls -- with or without video.

At its Google for Brazil event in São Paulo, the search giant announced that its video-calling app for Android and iOS will now support audio-only calls for those times when maybe making a video call isn't a great idea or when your connection is less than full bars.

Google also announced an update to its Android messaging app Allo enabling file sharing in chats. Supported file types include PDF, DOC, APK, ZIP and MP3.

The company's Photo app will get updates as well, which will let you back up and share images when you have a weak signal. On Android, the app will automatically back up a low-res version that will be replaced with high-quality images when you have a solid Wi-Fi connection. Similarly, for both the iOS and Android apps, you'll be able to share a low-quality photo immediately over a poor connection, and the photo will later update itself with a high-quality version.

The new features are rolling out in Brazil and worldwide in the coming days.