YouTube Stories adds Snapchat-like AR effects

YouTube Stories has fun, realistic filters ready for download for short video clips.

YouTube Stories is adding new filters. 

From dog ears to fairy crowns to monstrous fangs, filters and AR effects are old hat for social-media selfies. Now, YouTube is jumping on the bandwagon.

In this video, the glasses are virtual.


In its latest release, YouTube Stories and ARCore now offer the Augmented Faces API so you can add glasses, masks, hats and other items to short video clips. Google, which owns YouTube, said in a blog post Friday that its use of 3D mesh has resulted in more realistic filters.

An AR glasses filter, for example, can simulate light reflection and cast a virtual shadow on the face, Artsiom Ablavatski and Ivan Grishchenko, Google AI research engineers, said in the blog post. The new feature also allows for realistic makeup effects.

YouTube Stories, which are short, mobile-only videos with text, stickers, filters and music, expire after seven days. Originally launched as Reels in 2017 to about 100 creators, YouTube Stories was expanded in late 2018 to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. 

The new filters are available for developers, creators and users who download the latest ARCore SDK

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