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Google adds more info about the sites in your search results

The search engine is rolling out the About This Result feature on Monday.

Google is adding the About This Result to help users be better informed about their search results.
Angela Lang/CNET

A new Google feature called About This Result is meant to help users make a more informed decision about what they've just searched for. 

Starting Monday, users of the search engine will see a new menu icon that you can tap after you've Googled a topic. When you click the menu icon, the About This Result feature will tell you a bit more about the website you're about to visit, according to a blog post from Google product manager JK Kearns. The website's description is pulled from Wikipedia, a website with an open-editing model.

If there isn't a Wikipedia description, Google will try to provide other helpful context in its place.

About This Result begins rolling out in English on Monday for US desktops, mobile web and Android's Google app.