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Google adds background noise filtering to Meet on Android, iOS

Say goodbye to keyboard clicks, slamming doors and construction noise if you use Google Meet to connect.

Google Meet is available on Google Home devices like the Nest Hub smart display.

Google on Tuesday announced the rollout of background noise filtering for the Google Meet app on Android and iOS, bringing to mobile a feature first introduced with the Meet desktop app over the summer. Starting today, the Meet app should be able to intelligently silence background noises including both nearby distractions, like typing and doors opening and closing, as well as more distant disruptions, like nearby construction or traffic sounds.

Google has been rapidly adding features to its Zoom rival over the last several months, as remote work and video conferencing have surged in popularity across multiple platforms on account of the pandemic. That has included making the app, which was once available only to customers of the paid G Suite collection of apps, free to all Gmail users, as well as adding Meet video calling to the mobile Gmail app

Mobile background noise filtering is only, however, available for G Suite Enterprise and Enterprise for Education customers and isn't available in some countries, including South Africa and United Arab Emirates. Noise filtering is off by default but can be turned on before or during a video call.