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GoodFood App - The Dinner Saver

GoodFood from GoodRec.com is an amazing application that finds restaurants based on your current location.

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As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not a fan of driving around cities I'm not familiar with. My sense of direction is nearly non-extinct and I often stick to the interstate, only venturing off for gasoline and food. When I do need one of these necessities, I do my very best to get them close to an on and off ramp so I can't get lost.

Because of my fear of big city adventure, I'm often found eating fast food, and I miss out on the good eats I might be able to find just a street or two over... if only I knew they were there.

GoodFood from GoodRec.com is an amazing application that finds restaurants based on your current location. Using GPS it maps the area, showing you where you are and pinpointing places that serve food... good food.

You can touch a green dot and the eatery's name will be displayed under the map.Touch the name and a window with information, including the address and phone number of the establishment, a map, details, and recommendations are right at your fingertips. You can also leave a recommendation right from your phone.

I'm looking forward to discovering some great places to eat that I would have otherwise missed!!