Going mobile at 3GSM World Congress

One of the world's largest trade shows for mobile services and devices, the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona aims to showcase the cutting edge of the wireless industry.

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Going mobile at 3GSM

One of the world's largest trade shows for mobile services and devices, the 3GSM World Congress, scheduled for February 12 to 15 in Barcelona, aims to showcase the cutting edge of the wireless industry.

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Handset makers get in on location services

Nokia, Motorola are set to offer their own navigation services, which could put them in competition with mobile operators.
Photos: Nokia, Motorola navigators February 15, 2007

Palm talks up its ambitions for Europe

Despite Europe's support of the Symbian operating system, Palm will woo users there with its homegrown OS and Windows Mobile. February 15, 2007

Special feature: Apple iPhone

Check here for in-depth and up-to-date coverage of Apple's multitalented device, by which all other phones will now be judged.

Emerging markets fuel cell phone growth

The next wave of growth will come from poor, developing nations, leaders in the wireless industry say at 3GSM. February 14, 2007

Music exec slams mobile entertainment experience

Warner Music CEO says buying music and other entertainment on mobile phones is unnecessarily complicated and expensive. February 14, 2007

Touring the 3GSM World Congress


CNET News.com reporter Marguerite Reardon takes in the gadgets, trends and latest strategies in the mobile industry. February 13, 2007

How the mobile industry can do better


Hewlett-Packard's Phil McKinney says mobile operators are throwing away valuable data. February 13, 2007

At 3GSM, a call for mobile ad standards

Standards will make advertising easier, more cost-effective, say GSM and Vodafone CEOs. Also, Yahoo announces new ad deals. February 13, 2007

BT moves into smart-phone market

British telecom firm appears to be getting serious about the mobile space again, including rolling out a network of sorts. February 13, 2007

Samsung unveils six new phones at 3GSM

Lineup includes one of the world's thinnest handsets, plus multimedia models featuring television tuners. February 13, 2007

Cell phones mobilized to fight AIDS in Africa

Mobile phones are being harnessed to fight HIV/AIDS under a new $10 million plan with the backing of leading companies and the U.S. government. February 12, 2007

Motorola unveils new phone that slides and bends

The Rizr Z8, which uses Symbian software, has a hinge that locks the phone into a V-shape to make it easier to talk into. February 12, 2007

Nokia Siemens pledges to end the hype

Industry giants combine network divisions and promise to deliver better mobile Internet access using HSDPA and WiMax. February 12, 2007

Microsoft launches 'PlayReady' DRM system

At 3GSM conference, company unveils system that allows sharing of protected content between mobile phones, PCs and other devices. February 12, 2007

Access launches mobile Linux push

Mobile coders get a new product development kit as Access shows off its Linux platform. February 12, 2007

AT&T taps MediaFlo for mobile TV

AT&T will become the second major carrier to use Qualcomm's MediaFlo network and technology to deliver mobile television. February 12, 2007

Mobile music service aims to compete with Apple overseas

Available in Europe later this year, the service seeks to best the upcoming iPhone; unlimited downloads will cost about $4 a week.February 12, 2007

Boingo gets mobile gadgets hooked on Wi-Fi

Dual-mode handsets will be able to connect to the company's worldwide Wi-Fi network on the cheap.February 12, 2007

Toshiba introduces Windows Mobile handsets for the U.K.

Laptop manufacturer crashes the smart-phone party with two devices that support fingerprint scanning. February 12, 2007

New Nokia phones call up Net from Barcelona

Cell phone maker touts new E series handsets, optimized for Internet access on the go--at 3GSM World Congress in Spain.February 12, 2007

Indie movies hit the small screen at 3GSM

Six filmmakers in a Sundance program debut made-for-mobile movies at conference in Spain. Will the market support their medium?February 12, 2007

BlackBerry 8800 debuts

Research In Motion's new handset includes trackball screen navigation, GPS, a media player and other multimedia features.February 12, 2007

HP unveils smart phone at 3GSM

A 3G phone for business users, the iPaq 500 includes voice-command software and allows IT managers remote access to the handset.February 12, 2007

3GSM: Wireless sharpens its edge in Barcelona

One of the industry's largest trade shows is underway this week in Spain as new phones, services and strategies take the spotlight.February 12, 2007

Bach answers the call at Microsoft


Top exec Robbie Bach reflects on the iPhone, Windows Mobile 6 and whether a Zune phone makes sense.February 12, 2007

Nokia to offer Intellisync mobile e-mail server

The wireless e-mail platform works on more than 100 handsets.February 11, 2007

Mobile carriers facilitate cash transfers

Mobile communications operators and banks join forces to make it easier for immigrants and migrant workers to send money home by using their mobile phones.February 11, 2007

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Mixing oil and water--for cell phone lenses


Varioptic's "electrowetting" technology produces cell phone lenses that consume little power, focus quickly, require no moving parts and have good transparency.February 9, 2007

Philips unit to launch rollable-screen handheld

First unveiled in 2005, cellular device developed by Polymer Vision features a 5-inch roll-out grayscale display.
Photos: Polymer Vision's Readius phone February 8, 2007

Microsoft to unveil Windows Mobile 6

Improved search, security and integration with Windows Live are in the update to the cell phone OS, set for a spring release. February 7, 2007

LG wins contest for low-cost 3G phone contract

Consumer electronics company likely will see orders for several million 3G handsets costing about $100 each. February 6, 2007

Ericsson, Turner Broadcasting team up on mobile content

Deal will allow mobile phone users to receive and view content from Turner networks; initially, service won't be available in U.S.February 5, 2007


Emerging markets panel
Countries like India are potentially profitable, a panel of experts said.February 14, 2007

Touring 3GSM World Congress
Photos and commentary by CNET News.com reporter Marguerite Reardon.February 13, 2007

Motorola's Rizr Z8 cell phone
It uses Symbian software, accommodates music and video, and opens into a V shape.February 13, 2007

Samsung's Ultra Smart F700
One of three multimedia handsets unveiled by Samsung at 3GSM.February 13, 2007

The BlackBerry 8800
RIM unveils a business phone with consumer-oriented multimedia features.February 12, 2007

Films for the (very) small screen
Six independent filmmakers debut movies made for a tiny cell phone screen.February 12, 2007

Nokia's new 3G cell phones
Handsets designed to make access to the mobile Internet easy.February 12, 2007

New Windows for your cell phone
Windows Mobile 6, an update to its operating system for cell phones.February 12, 2007

Polymer Vision's Readius handheld
This cell phone features a scrollable black-and-white LED screen.February 8, 2007


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