giffgaff Tool hire: Tool up for viral video adventures with the musicle and the gimp

giffgaff is offering a selection of tools to help you market the crowdsourced phone network in viral videos. But this ain't like any toolkit you've ever seen before...

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Richard Trenholm

Today started like any other day at CNET Towers: hellish commute, quick pop at Microsoft, fire up Twitter and get to work reporting on the latest technology news. Then we got a load of giffgaff. giffgaff is O2's crazy crowdsourced pay as you go mobile phone network, which replaces customer support with user forums and advertising with user-generated content. giffgaff Tool hire is the start of this new approach to marketing.

Tool hire is designed to get you started making viral videos. The tools in question are a selection of quirky inventions you can borrow for free to use in your video, including Captain Stress Relief, the Karaoke Busker and the Cuddle Monster. Here's an introduction from giffgaff's aptly named Mr Tool, followed by a look at tools such as the Musicle, the remote-controlled human Action Man and the roaming photo booth. Not to mention the giffgaff gimp...

Tool hire


Roller Hockey Action Man

Photo Booth


Have you signed up to giffgaff? Will you be tooling up for a viral video adventure? Let us know how you get on in the comments.