Getting the "Send to Web Gallery" button on the iPhone work

Getting the "Send to Web Gallery" button on the iPhone work

Ben Wilson
2 min read

The "Send to Web Gallery" function added to iPhones over the past several days has caused some confusion. The button links with new .Mac iPhone integration functionality that allows photos to be sent directly from the iPhone to the new "Web Gallery" function (which offers an app-like interface to photos stored online). The same Web Gallery can be directly accessed in an iPhone-optimized fashion.

For some, the button didn't appear, despite having a valid .Mac account enabled on their phone per Apple's instruction. For the users who did start to see the button, it wasn't immediately clear how it functioned. As written by one reader:

"Even after installing iLife '08, I had trouble getting the phone to work -- I kept getting the message that I had to configure my galleries to allow updates from mobile devices, but on the .Mac side I could find nothing to specifically allow/deny 'mobile devices.'

Here's what you need to do to make the "Send to Web Gallery" functional on your iPhone.

  1. Upgrade to iLife '08, which includes iPhoto '08 (version 7.0.x) -- the only release of iPhoto that supports Web galleries.
  2. Create an album in your photo galleries, and upload them to .Mac by sending the album to your Web gallery.
  3. In the control settings for whether visitors are allowed to submit photos to your album via web browser uploads and/or via email, you must enable the "email" updates feature for the iPhone "Send to Web Gallery" function to work correctly. As noted by an iPhone Atlas reader "Each album can have it's own security settings. The iPhone checks each album in your gallery page for permissions and then displays a list of all albums which allow updates via email."

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