Get the new Ninja Loop 2.0 phone strap for $3.75

Even better, snag three for $11.23 and enjoy free shipping. This is one of my all-time favorite smartphone accessories. Plus: Definitely not an even better Bluetooth speaker deal than yesterday. Definitely not.

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The new Ninja Loop is a bit wider, thicker and softer. And on sale!


Continuing this week's unofficial theme of simple, effective, inexpensive fixes to life's little problems, I'm about to rock your world.

Here's the problem: Your phone loves gravity. First chance it gets, it's going to slip from your hand and head straight to the ground, where it may or may not suffer a damaging impact.

Here's a secondary problem: A big phone is really difficult to operate one-handed, largely because your thumb isn't nearly long enough.

Here's the solution to both problems: a simple strap that runs the length of the phone, allowing for a much better grip.

That strap is called the Ninja Loop, and I continue to sing its praises. Which I will now do again because there's a new version. And it's on sale.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the black Ninja Loop 2.0 for $3.75 when you apply promo code SPRINGLOOP at checkout. Shipping adds about $4 -- blech -- but becomes free if you buy three loops, which brings your grand total to just $11.23. Woot!

Let me repeat that the 2.0 version is currently available in black only; the other colors shown on the product page are still the original Loop.

Those Loops are perfectly good, but the 2.0 version is a bit wider and thicker, and softer on the underside where it meets your fingers. If I had any complaint with the Loop 1.0, it's that the strap tended to get a little uncomfortable after long periods. Loop 2.0 is definitely easier on the fingers.

How it works

The beauty of the Ninja Loop is that it adds no weight or bulk. You stick one end of the strap to the inside of your case, then feed it out the camera hole, down the back side and back in through any available opening in the bottom. The other end affixes to the inside of the case, same as the first.

These two ends rely on strong adhesive to provide the necessary tension, yet I had no trouble peeling up one end to adjust the fit -- and it left behind no residue. Then you just slip a couple fingers in between the strap and case and presto: a solid one-handed grip. Added bonus: You're less likely to accidentally drop your phone.

As I've mentioned before, my kids -- you know, the ones who are constantly dropping their phones -- refer to this as "the dork strap." Sure, it's a little goofy, but it's also ridiculously effective. I'm now so conditioned to slide my fingers beneath the loop, I can't live without it. Sometimes, when my hands are full, I'll just stick my pinky through so I can still carry my phone and not worry about dropping it. (And I was already a dork before I got the Ninja Loop. So there, kids!)

The Loop is already a killer accessory at its regular $4.99 price. But who doesn't love 25 percent off, well, anything? My advice: Buy at least three and hand them out to friends and/or family members. You'll be the star.

Tell me that's not adorable. For $7!


Bonus deal: Remember yesterday? If you found yourself thinking, "Well, I like little round Bluetooth speakers, but $9.99? I'm not made of money over here," I've got you. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Etekcity (via Amazon) is offering its RoverBeats T16 portable Bluetooth speaker for just $6.99 when you apply promo code 6LCNPB4R at checkout. As always, shipping is free for Prime people. Regular price: $19.99.

This cute little sound-can comes in your choice of three colors. It includes not only a carrying case (with carabiner!), but also a 3.5mm patch cord for connecting non-Bluetooth sources. The battery's good for up to seven hours of playtime, and the built-in mic allows for speakerphone calls. Nearly 1,000 buyers rated the T16 4.1 stars -- pretty good. And, come on: $7! You understand why I had to share this, right? Tell me you understand!