Get the latest NBA stats with Google Lens and a team logo

It's a new AR experience for the sports nerd.

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Google Lens app on iOS

Google Lens has a new sporty function. 


As the NBA Finals evened up to 1-1 between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors on Sunday, Google showed off a new way basketball fans can get team stats just by pointing their phone at a logo.

Aparna Chennapragada‏, vice president of Google Lens and AR, on Sunday shared a video on Twitter demoing how the search engine's AR tech can display an NBA team's stats by using the Google Lens app and pointing a smartphone camera at the team's logo.

"We're taking Google Lens and taking it from, 'oh, it's an identification tool, what's this, show me things like this,' to an AR browser, meaning you can actually superimpose information right on the camera," Chennapragada told CNET earlier in May.

Back in May, Google released five Google Lens filters. These new filters can translate text, provide search results for whatever object the phone camera is pointed at and can even suggest the most popular dishes of a restaurant by looking at the menu.

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