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Get Textfree Unlimited free for a limited time

The free-SMS app normally costs $5.99, so snag it free while you can. No annual fees, just a few ads and unlimited free texting.

Compatible with iPhones, iPods, and iPads, Textfree Unlimited offers unlimited free texting. And for today at least, the app itself is free!

Your monthly iPhone bill is high enough without tacking on another $5, $15, or $20 for a text-messaging plan. That's why free-SMS apps are so popular: They let you text to your heart's content without putting a single extra penny in AT&T's pocket.

One of the most popular free-SMS apps, Textfree Unlimited, costs $5.99. That's pretty cheap considering the money it can save you in the long run. Well, now it's cheaper still: For a limited time, you can get Textfree Unlimited absolutely free. (After clicking that link, just click Download Now to get to the app's iTunes page.)

How limited a time is "a limited time"? The app is today's deal from Free App a Day--one of several Web sites that help you score free iPhone apps--so at the very least you have until the clock strikes midnight. But I've noticed that many of FAAD's freebies stay free for several days after the initial promotion, so who knows? This could go through the weekend.

I've tried most of the popular free-SMS apps, and while they're all pretty good, Textfree Unlimited is my favorite. It loads quickly, supports push notifications, and even lets you pick your own phone number to use for sending and receiving texts. (Ideally, texts from Textfree would appear to come from your actual phone number, but this is the next best thing.)

What's more, there's no longer an annual $5.99 fee to use Textfree. It's now free for life, though you do have to put up with a few ads. (Actually, you can "buy out" the ads if you want, but I can't locate the price tag for doing so.)

Bottom line: If you want to save yourself six bucks now and upward of $240 per year on SMS fees, grab Textfree Unlimited while it's free.