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Get an unlocked LG V20 5.7-inch Android phone for $379.99

The V20 is notable for offering a swappable battery, expandable storage and excellent audio recording. Plus: three bonus deals you won't want to miss!

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In the market for a new phone? A big phone? Here's one you might want to consider.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals has the unlocked LG V20 US996 5.7-inch GSM Android phone for $379.99 shipped. That's after applying promo code CHPSKTV20 at checkout. Yep, that's a bona-fide Cheapskate exclusive, my friends. (Quick note: An extended warranty is included in your shopping cart by default. Click "No warranty" before proceeding to checkout.)


The LG V20 is a big phone, but with a very modest bezel.

Josh Miller

First things first: The LG V20 sold for $800 when it debuted near the end of 2016. Cheap phones come to those who wait!

So here's what you need to know about it: It has a 5.7-inch screen, so it's approaching phablet territory. It has both a removable battery and a microSD slot, features that tend to be hard to come by these days. (Though I wonder: is carrying around a spare battery any easier/better than carrying a mobile charger?)

The V20 also offers some impressive audio-recording capabilities, though I can't imagine that's a big selling point for most buyers.

For everything else, I'll turn you over to CNET's Lynn La and her hands-on review. She liked many aspects of the V20, but found it overpriced and under-powered relative to some of its peers. (Again, though, that was based on a much higher price.)

Reviews elsewhere tell a somewhat different story. Hit up Google and you'll find a 4.5-star average from around 300 buyers. PCMag rated it 4.5 stars as well. Amazon customers: 3.5 stars.

So is this the right phone for you? Maybe, maybe not. Do the research, weigh the pros and cons. One thing is certain: At this price, it's much easier to overlook a few flaws. 

Your thoughts?


The Brydge Keyboard adds an important feature to your Surface Pro 12.3: a hinge. Bring on the lap!


Bonus deal: In my head, this is how I envision the average consumer unboxing a Microsoft Surface tablet: "Oooh, 'the tablet that can replace my laptop.' Okay, let's just fire up Word and... Hey, where's the keyboard? No keyboard? I have to pay extra to use this as a laptop? Gosh, okay, how much extra? $130 extra?! And I can't even use this 'laptop' in my lap?"

And that, friends, is how refurbs are born.

Of course, that means you might be able to scoop up a Surface Pro on the cheap. If you do, you'll undoubtedly want a keyboard to go with it. Before you drop $130 on Microsoft's, consider this: Walmart has the Brydge Keyboard for 12.3-inch Surface Pros for $86.64 shipped (plus tax). Price elsewhere: at least $150.

Though definitely a bit thicker than Microsoft's keyboard covers, the Brydge offers LED-backlit keys and a 160-degree hinge that really does make the Surface Pro more laptop-like (and lap-friendly). It weighs about 1.4 pounds. CNET hasn't reviewed it, but check out this ZDNet hands-on. Yes, $87 is still a lot for a keyboard, but it's easier to swallow than $130.


You could even say it glows... (Because it does.)


Bonus deal No. 2: Do you own any USB-C devices -- like, say, an LG V20? Have I got the cable for you: For a limited time, and while supplies last, iOrange-E (via Amazon) is offering its 6-foot braided USB-C cable with LED indicator for $4.99, shipped free with Prime. That's after appyling promo code TPBE53Z7 at checkout. (Checked and verified at 5 a.m. PT.)

I love cables like this. The USB-C end glows red while your device is charging, then turns green when charging is complete. And because it's braided, it shouldn't tangle as easily as your average cable. Best of all, the discount works on multiple cables: I tried adding five to my cart and ended up with a total price of $24.99.

Bonus deal No. 3: This was almost my spotlight deal today, because it's singularly awesome. (I'm probably the only person in the world who gets giddy about monitors.)

Today only, and while supplies last, Woot has the Lenovo ThinkVision T2224z 21.5-inch IPS desktop monitor for $79.99, plus $5 for shipping. Price elsewhere: at least $120. It's new, not refurbished.

What's the big deal about this monitor? It has built-in webcam, dual-microphone array and speakers. It has a USB 3.0 hub. It can rotate 90 degrees for portrait mode. It's LED-backlit, of course, and it comes with a 3-year Lenovo warranty. For 80 bucks. Um, yes, please!