Get an Apple iPad Dock for $9.97

Plus sales tax. Even so, that's $20 less than you'd pay for a handy desktop dock if you walked into an Apple Store. Nice little Father's Day gift, perhaps?

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Rick Broida
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Apple sells its iPad Dock for $29. Here's your chance to get one for $10.
Apple sells its iPad Dock for $29. Here's your chance to get one for $10. Apple

An iPad stand is one thing. An iPad dock gives you a place to both sync and charge your tablet while keeping it upright--great if you like to use it as, say, a photo frame.

I've always thought the Apple-branded iPad Dock was a bit of a rip-off at $29. (Actually, a lot of Apple-branded accessories are overpriced, but that's a discussion for another day.) But 10 bucks? Now you've got my attention.

For a limited time, Verizon is offering the Apple iPad Dock for $9.97, plus sales tax. Shipping is free, and it's two-day shipping at that--meaning you can get this in time for, say, Father's Day.

Note: If the above link takes you to Verizon's home page rather than the product page, search for "MC360ZM/A" (without the quotes, natch). Either way, you'll need to click the "Device compatibility" link and then choose "Apple iPad," otherwise you won't be able to add the dock to your cart.

The dock is compatible with the original iPad (sorry, iPad 2 users). It features a dock-connector port for syncing and charging and a line-out port for plugging in external speakers.

I'm not sure how long Verizon will be offering the dock at this price or how many units they have in stock. As always, if this deal appeals, grab it before it's gone!

Of course, if you're just looking for a way to prop up your iPad, check out these five dirt-cheap iPad stands.

Bonus deal: Don't own an iPad yet? Click Go and Buy (via Buy.com) has a refurbished 64GB first-gen iPad Wi-Fi for $449.99 shipped. I believe that qualifies as the lowest price to date on a 64GB iPad. The only question mark is the warranty; given that this isn't sold by Apple, assume 90 days.