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Get an Apple EarPods two-pack for $17.99 shipped

Apple sells these for $29 apiece. I think they're especially good for jogging. Plus: What, your pillow doesn't massage your back? This one does.

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One, good. Two, better. Especially at this price.


Long live the headphone jack!

I'm on record as being furious with Apple for getting rid of it, to the point where I'm not sure my next phone will be an iPhone. Because there are times when I want wired headphones -- and don't want to have to keep tabs on a tiny adapter cable to use them.

Ironically, it's Apple's own headphones that I want to keep using. Which brings us to today's deal: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tanga has an Apple EarPods two-pack for $17.99 shipped. Walk into an Apple Store and you'd spend $29 for a single pair -- not including sales tax. Here you're getting them for $9 apiece.

Pro tip: BeFrugal offers 7 percent cash back on your first Tanga purchase -- if it's not your first it'll be 5 percent -- so your effective total is closer to $16.75.

Needless to say, I don't love everything Apple does -- but I do like the EarPods. A lot. In fact, they're my earphone of choice for running, because they're comfortable (despite being hard plastic), they stay put and, unlike in-ear alternatives with silicone tips, they don't create a noise-isolating seal.

That seal is great if you're on a train or plane, but it's terrible for running. For one thing, you hear every footfall like a cannon in your head. For another, it's risky, as it prevents you from hearing bikes, cars and other dangers that might be approaching from behind.

I also like the inline microphone and play, pause and volume controls. As for the storage case: meh. In my experience, once the EarPods come out, they don't go back in. (Not that they can't, I just find it too much hassle.)

Given the low price, I thought these might be knockoffs, but Tanga definitely lists Apple as the manufacturer, and the case photo shows the Apple logo.

Obviously you can use these with Android and other non-Apple devices, but the inline volume controls may not work.

Your thoughts?


Decor in the front, muscle-relaxing goodness in the back.

M Cushion

Bonus deal: In these trying times, we all need to relax. And what better way than with a pillow that's also a Shiatsu massager? No, I did not just make that up.

Today only, and while supplies last, Meh has the M Cushion 18-inch Shiatsu-massage decorative pillow for $39, or $49 if you opt for the additional decor pillow (which also nets you a 3-foot extension cord). Either way, shipping adds $5.

Available in a variety of styles/colors, the M Cushion sells for anywhere from $99-129 on Amazon. It incorporates bi-directional kneading nodes that can massage your upper or lower back (depending on where you place the pillow), or your neck if you lie down on it. You can also add heat to the mix.

I know, this is kind of a weird item for the ol' Cheapskate blog, but the handful of reviews I found suggest that it's pretty darn sweet -- and that was based on the much-higher original price. Yours truly is very, very, very tempted...