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Get a SlideStand stick-on smartphone stand for $5.59

This clever little accessory adheres to the rear of your phone (or case) for portrait and landscape viewing.

The SlideStand can prop up your phone at a variety of angles. SlideStand

In my ideal universe, pizza is a health food, "The Matrix" sequels were never created, and all smartphones come with built-in stands.

It's getting there. I order my pizza with light cheese and extra sauce (it's less unhealthy, anyway), and I pretend those two "Matrix" abominations don't exist.

The SlideStand adds very little thickness to your phone. SlideStand

As for the third thing, it's unlikely to ever happen. Fortunately, there's an easy, inexpensive new solution: SlideStand, a low-profile add-on that works with nearly any phone.

It normally sells for $7.99 -- already a perfectly good deal -- but here's a Cheapskate exclusive for you: A SlideStand for just $5.59 when you apply discount code SS30M at checkout. Shipping to the US adds $3.25, bringing your out-the-door total to $8.84. (Note that you'll need either Bitcoin or PayPal to make your purchase.)

This adhesive piece of plastic measures roughly 2.6 inches long by 1.6 inches wide. Better still, it's all of 3mm thick, so you hardly notice it's there. Until, that is, you fold out its multiposition arm, which can hold your phone upright (for portrait viewing) or on its side. The vast majority of kickstand cases I see offer only landscape positioning, which I find less than ideal for reading.

The SlideStand comes in an assortment of colors, several of which I confess to finding kind of tacky. Red and purple? Pink and green? All-black or all-white for me, please. (Fortunately, those are among the options.) Of course, to each their own.

I stuck a SlideStand to the back of my iPhone's case and found that it worked splendidly for a variety of viewing angles. I'm concerned about the arm losing its stiffness over time, but for now it's just what this doctor ordered.

If there's a downside, it's that the adhesive is semipermanent, meaning you can't remove the stand from your phone and then reapply it. You can, however, remove it without fear of leaving behind any residue, at least according to the the SlideStand folks.

Often you see little gizmo-accessories like this selling for $15 to $20, but I think $7.99 is a great price. And with the 30-percent-off code, it's even better. Buy some for early stocking-stuffers, dad/grad gifts, or whatever. Of course, if even $5.59 is too rich for your blood, there are plenty of DIY smartphone stands that don't cost a penny.

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