Get a Quirky Converge charging station for $28

Begone, countertop cord clutter! This stylish four-port USB station keeps everything neat and tidy.


Well, it finally happened: we're a four-phone family. Poorhouse, here I come!

Actually, I've wrangled pretty cheap deals for all our phones -- I am the Cheapskate, after all. But one thing I haven't been able to wrangle is the charging-cord nightmare on our kitchen counter. Solution, thy name is today's deal!

For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Quirky Converge four-port USB charging station for $28. That's after applying coupon code CONVERGE at checkout. Regular price: $69.99.

Shipping adds $7.50 (d'oh!) unless you manage to get at least $30' worth of stuff into your cart. No-brainer add-on: the Quirky Cordies desktop cord manager, currently on sale for just $3.

The Converge comes in your choice of five colors (and the Cordies comes in six, so you can probably match them up if you like). It has four USB ports tucked away at the rear, along with stretchy straps so you can keep your existing charging cords neatly coiled and out of sight.

One important note: it's not made clear how many amps the Converge supplies to each device, and because the description doesn't mention tablets, my guess is it's probably just 1 amp per port. That's fine for phones, less fine for most tablets (which really need 2.1-amp ports).

Of course, given the size of the dock, it's obviously intended primarily for phones. And if your home's charging area looks anything like mine, you'll welcome this way to tidy it up.

I wouldn't pay $70 for one of these, not on a bet, but $31 out the door with a Cordies thrown in is awfully tempting. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: As part of Green Monday, which apparently is a thing now, Amazon is offering some stupid-good deals on its 4G LTE-capable Kindle Fires. Best bets: the third-gen Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet (16GB) for $139 and the 64GB model for $159. Bear in mind the 4G service is optional and costs extra, but these are priced well below the current-gen Wi-Fi-only models. Today only, and while supplies last!

Bonus deal No. 2: Stocking-stuffer alert! Daily Steals is once again offering the House of Marley noise-isolating headset for $10 shipped. I've purchased these several times, and I love the fabric cord, in-line control, carrying case and, most important, the great sound. There are even a few new styles to choose from this time around.