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Get a pair of Avantree Bluetooth sport earphones for $24.99

Available in two very different styles, these wireless 'phones were built with exercise in mind.

The Avantree Sacool Bluetooth earphones are a great buy at $24.99. Avantree

Now that our long national nightmare-winter seems to be over (hope I didn't just jinx it), it's time to rediscover the great outdoors -- and get some exercise! Walking, running, hiking, biking -- it's all good.

Especially with music. And the last thing you want is some pesky cord flopping around. That's why the technology gods gave us Bluetooth headphones. But did they have to charge so much for them?

Not today. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tanga has two Bluetooth sport earphones on sale:

The Avantree Sacool water-resistant Bluetooth stereo headset for $24.99, plus $4.99 for shipping.

The Avantree Jogger sweat-proof Bluetooth stereo headset for $24.99, plus $4.99 for shipping.

So, yep, two very different styles, but for the same price. Which one should you pick? That's a tough call.

The Avantree Jogger Bluetooth earphones are exercise-friendly. Avantree

The Sacool (which, I should note, currently have the wrong description on Tanga's product page, but you can find the proper deets at Avantree) employs a noise-isolating design, meaning the earbuds tuck snugly inside your ear canals. That's great for blocking wind and road noise, but also potentially dangerous because you can't hear things like cars approaching from behind.

That said, read the mostly positive reviews over at Amazon, where the same pair would run you $39.99.

The Jogger comes with more like traditional earbuds, meaning they rest just inside your ears. So you don't get the benefits (and dangers) of noise-isolation, but you do get Bluetooth 4.0 with the aptX codec -- meaning you should enjoy the best audio fidelity Bluetooth has to offer. (Not sure how big a deal that is when you're exercising, but there it is.)

Once again, Amazon reviews: mostly positive.

If you've never used Bluetooth earphones before, take note that when you go outdoors, the signal between phone and 'phones has nothing to bounce off. Thus, unless you keep your phone strapped to your arm (as opposed to tucked in a pocket or waistband), you may experience audio drop-outs.

Of course, for just $25 apiece, these give you an inexpensive way to test the Bluetooth sport-phone waters. If you've already done so, hit the comments and share your thoughts.

By the way, Tanga also has a bunch of other Bluetooth gear on sale, including the Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 home-stereo receiver for $24.99.

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