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Get a Martian Notifier smartwatch for $74.99 shipped

It's a watch that actually looks like a watch, but also gives you customizable notifications.


If you're looking for a wrist-pal that's a timepiece first, a notification tool second and a fitness band not-so-much, well, you've come to the right deal.

For a very limited time, you can get the Martian Notifier smartwatch for $74.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code cnet1214 at checkout. It lists for $129.99, and even on sale at Best Buy, it's $99.99. Cheapskate FTW!

Sarah Tew

I've strapped a huge assortment of gizmos to my wrist during the past year, and the Notifier stands out for a few reasons. First, it's a good-looking watch -- stylish, understated, and not the least bit dorky (unlike some I could mention). It comes in your choice of black, white or red, and you can easily swap wristbands if you want a different splash of color.

Second, it's all about notifications, the feature I prize most in a smartwatch. When something happens on your phone -- a call or text message comes in, a calendar alarm goes off -- the Notifier vibrates. This is the single best way to ensure you don't miss something important because your phone was out of earshot or you couldn't feel it vibrate.

What's more, the Notifier's OLED screen displays a scrolling ticker with information about the notification: who's calling, the text of the message or Twitter update, and so on. Now you know at a glance whether you need to pull out your phone or if you can leave it be. And thanks to Martian's Android and iOS apps, you can customize the vibration patterns for loads of different notification types.

I'll turn you over to CNET's review for a more in-depth look at the watch. It rightly points out a few imperfections, including the unnecessarily proprietary charging cable and splashproof -- not waterproof -- design. To that list I would add the very small display, which makes for challenging reading, especially for longer messages.

On the other hand, the Notifier cleverly relies on two batteries: one for the watch itself (which runs for two years), another for the display and notification system (good for about five days between charges). Even if the latter runs out, the watch keeps on ticking.

At $129.99, it's hard to justify this against the far more capable $99 Pebble . But at $74.99, it's suddenly a much more appealing alternative -- and a much more attractive one, too. Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: Remember those Recoil cord-winding gizmos I wrote about back in October? For a limited time, you can get 50 percent off everything in the Recoil product line when you apply coupon code CNETFAN50 at checkout. (Shipping still applies, alas.)

I was a little dubious about these at first, but having lived with them for a couple months, I'm definitely a fan! Sooo much better than having cords all over the place.