Get a Lewis N Clark Urban Gear backpack for $19.99

Perfect for toting your laptop and other mobile gear, this stylish canvas bag normally sells for nearly twice the price. Cheapskate exclusive!

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Lewis N Clark

A quick housekeeping item before we get started: I think many people were confused (and a little disgruntled) regarding yesterday's deal, which involved signing up for TopCashback and then making a purchase from gift-card reseller Raise.

I apologize if I didn't adequately explain how cashback services work. I've updated the post with some additional information, so I hope you'll take a look. Also, I've used TopCashback successfully myself for well over a year, and I wouldn't recommend it if I thought there was anything the least bit shady. In fact, without any prodding from me, a company support rep answered several reader questions and issues in the comments section, which I think is indicative of strong customer service.

Even so, I probably should have phrased the headline differently, and I definitely should have provided more explanation about the cashback process. Once again, I'm sorry if the deal proved confusing or upsetting.

Okay, back to business! When I travel, I carry a backpack. Always have, always will. To me there's no better way to tote a laptop and all your other mobile essentials.

If you feel the same way but don't want all the bulk of many a modern shoulder bag, check this out: While supplies last, Tanga has the Lewis N Clark Urban Gear canvas backpack for $19.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code CHEAPSKATE at checkout.

The pack sells for around $36 at Amazon and Target and $44 at Walmart. Out the door for under $20? Yes, please!

One thing to know about the bag straight away is that it's a little smaller than the average backpack -- able to accommodate laptops of up to 15 inches, but definitely nothing larger. It measures 17 inches high by 12 inches across by 7 inches deep (with no stuff inside, natch).

The only reviews I've found are on Amazon, and only half a dozen there, but they average out to 4.3 stars. Given that it's made from cotton canvas, the Urban Gear probably won't last you more than a few years -- especially if you're as hard on your backpacks as I am on mine. That said, it's an attractive carrier that's just a steal at this price.

Your thoughts?

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Bonus deal: GoPro is the gold standard among action cameras, but, man, talk about expensive. Ending today, and while supplies last, Adorama (via eBay) has the GoPro Hero4 Black for $399.99 shipped -- $100 below list and the lowest price I've seen. (Still painfully expensive, though!) The Hero4 Black can capture 4K video and offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. I desperately need one of these for my quad-copter!