Get a free or discounted ride to the polls on Election Day

Uber is offering gratis rides, while Lyft will give you half off.

Tamara Palmer Contributing writer
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Tamara Palmer
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Uber and Lyft are both engaging in multiple initiatives aimed at helping get out the vote on Election Day (Nov. 6). If you use one of the apps or are willing to download it and give them your credit card number to set up an account, you will have the opportunity to get a free or discounted ride to your polling place that day.

To claim a free ride code for Uber

The Uber Drives the Vote initiative includes giving free ride codes to organizations that encourage voter turnout. Go to #VoteTogether and Democracy Works on Election Day to have the opportunity to claim a promotional code for a free ride. Once you've got a code, open the Uber app, tap the main menu icon, select Payment, scroll down to Promotions and choose Add Promo Code/Gift Code.

To claim a 50%-off ride code for Lyft

Lyft has also partnered with nonprofit organizations to distribute 50-percent-off discount codes for rides to polling places on Election Day. Visit Vote.org, Nonprofit Vote or TurboVote on Nov. 6 for instructions on how to claim a discount code. After acquiring a code, tap the main menu icon, select Promos, then Enter Promo Code. Once the discount code is loaded, you'll be shown an amount, expiration date and other terms.

A tip for both Uber and Lyft users

Consider keeping an eye on all the partner organizations' social media feeds in case they announce the discount codes sooner.

Ready to vote? Get registered before your time is up.

Twitter will help you to vote in the midterm election.