Get a 'free' iPhone 8 from US Cellular when you add a line with unlimited data

Just make sure you read the fine print.

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US Cellular just launched an "iPhone 8 for $0" offer with no trade-in required. The carrier also has discounts for the iPhone X ($10 a month for 30 months), iPhone 8 Plus ($3 a month for 30 months) and LG G7 ThinQ ($300 off).

But there's really no such thing as a free iPhone 8, which is why these types of deals never use "free," instead saying "for $0."

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Under the terms of the deal, one of the conditions that stands out is that it requires you subscribe to US Cellular's Device Protection Plus, which costs $12 a month -- over the 30 months required, that adds up to $360. Which means if you didn't want the service, that's what you're paying for that $0 iPhone.

This isn't an unusual practice and it's still a deal, I'm just saying you should make a habit of looking free gift horses in the mouth.