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Get a Dr. Seuss e-book collection for $7.99

Available for Kindle and iOS, this bundle from Oceanhouse Media features eight narrated, interactive Seuss stories.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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The Dr. Seuss Short Stories collection includes eight interactive, narrated tales from various books.
The Dr. Seuss Short Stories collection includes eight interactive, narrated tales from various books. Oceanhouse Media

Every parent knows (or should know) the importance of reading to their kids. And when it comes to stories adults and toddlers alike can enjoy, it's hard to beat Dr. Seuss.

Of course, browse the aisles (real or virtual) of any bookstore and you'll see that your average Dr. Seuss hardcover can run $10-15. Ouch!

That's why I continue to be a big fan of Oceanhouse Media's Dr. Seuss e-book apps, which not only provide the complete Seuss experience (and then some), but also save you considerable coin.

For example, Amazon charges $9.47 for the print edition of "The Lorax," which is at least better than the $14.99 list price. But the iOS app version? A mere $4.99.

And here's an even better buy: For a limited time, Oceanhouse's new Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection is on sale for $7.99. It's available for iOS and in the Amazon Appstore for compatible Android devices.

The app features eight stories culled from various Dr. Seuss books. From "Yertle the Turtle," for example, you get "The Big Brag" and "Gertrude McFuzz." (Incidentally, those two sell for $1.99 apiece if purchased separately.)

From "The Sneetches," you get "The Zax," "Too Many Daves," and "What Was I Scared Of?" And, finally, "I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today," "King Looie Katz," and "The Glunk that got Thunk" come from "I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories..."

As with other Oceanhouse e-books, this one offers three reading modes: Auto-Play, Read to Me, and Read it Myself. In the first two modes you get professional narration, though you also have the option of recording your own voice so your child can listen to you read the story even when you're not around. Let's see a print book do that!

Or this: words are highlighted and read aloud when tapped, which is great for helping younger readers learn. In your face, paper!

I'm not sure what the app's price will be once this introductory special expires, but I'd guess $9.99 -- still a good deal, but if you want to share some great Seuss stuff with your kids, now's the time to grab this collection.