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Gear4 Blustream RX: Hi-fi Bluetooth puck

Gear4's new Blustream RX is a hockey puck-shaped Bluetooth receiver for hi-fis large and small, and at £50 it's very considerately priced

Gear4 popped by Crave yesterday to talk about a super-secret new product (which we're not allowed to talk about -- but you will be excited when we can). We were also given the company's brand-new Bluetooth receiver for hi-fi systems. It's called the Blustream RX and although we've not had a chance to test it fully yet, it's looking to be a promising nugget of kit.

It's a very weighty unit, shaped like a hockey puck and roughly the size of a British three-pin plug. We were surprised at how solid this thing is. It doesn't have the plasticky budget feel of many Bluetooth accessories, but rather a weight akin to the epicentre of a neutron star.

It'll pair with any Bluetooth transmitter -- PC, mobile phone, some MP3 players -- and hooks up to your hi-fi via stereo cable. There's no gold plating, but that shouldn't matter -- the very nature of Bluetooth means your music may begin in lossless format, but it'll be wirelessly transmitted with lossy compression. Clearly it's not intended for audiophiles, but it's offering convenience to anyone with a hi-fi, regardless of its sonic prowess.

At £50 it's by no means going to break the bank. It'll be on sale soon and you can expect a hands-on report next week. -Nate Lanxon