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Game-hating lawyer discredited

Game-hating lawyer discredited

If you've followed any of the news stories dealing with video game violence, you may have noticed that Miami attorney Jack Thompson has been associated with nearly every effort. His most recent involvement was the suit brought against Rockstar North and the "Hot Coffee" scandal, but Mr. Thompson has spearheaded decency violation cases since the 1989 suit against rap group 2 Live Crew.

Mr. Thompson's Wikipedia entry outlines many other cases he's initiated (as well as a series of bizarre allegations against former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno), but for gamers, many consider him an inflammatory killjoy who unfortunately has the ear of the mainstream media. Today, however, the Weblog Game Politics reports that Mr. Thompson may have lost some credibility from an organization that might normally be considered an ally to his cause.

Citing a copy of a letter to Mr. Thompson from the National Institute on Media and the Family, the institute asks Mr. Thompson to cease referring to the NIMF in his commentary, which, according to the author, the NIMF's Dr. David Walsh, "has included extreme hyperbole and your tactics have included personally attacking individuals for whom I have a great deal of respect." Copied on the letter are the likes of Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Joe Lieberman (D-CT), and Sam Brownback (R-KS), who have all at one time or another proposed media decency legislation.

If you search online, you'll find plenty of articles and commentary on Mr. Thompson from the various game publications. The game sites are obviously biased, but given the tone of his correspondence with them (the sites have no compunction against publishing his e-mails), it can't be said that Mr. Thompson has been exactly disposed to meaningful dialogue. Game Politics also reports that it has copies of a pair of response letters from Mr. Thompson to Dr. Walsh, and that it will be publishing them tonight or tomorrow. The culture wars rage on. (Thanks, Blue's News.)