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The Galaxy S8 could help improve your selfies

A new report suggests Samsung will bring automatic focus to the Galaxy S8's front camera.


Samsung fans, get ready to take better selfies. The Korean company plans to bring a new automatic focus feature to the Galaxy S8 ($180 at eBay)'s front camera, according to a report by Korean news site ETNews.

Front-facing cameras can result in some pretty dismal selfies in low light, such as this one taken with the Galaxy S7.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

While most phones have front- and rear-facing cameras, manufacturers generally save the better specs and hardware for the rear one. But in a world where selfies rule and everyone uses Snapchat, the front-facing camera could use some love, too.

Autofocus isn't a new concept in smartphones, but Samsung typically uses fixed focus for its front-facing cameras. This is good for producing cheaper camera modules, but as consumers try to step up their selfie game, there's a need for better technology.

The new automatic focus feature will use an encoder method instead of the standard VCM method used in rear-camera autofocus. This is to allow the front-facing camera to be flush with the phones surface, while other autofocus hardware would require the camera to stick out, which is common with rear cameras. The report also adds that this type of hardware could increase the phone's price.

This is one of many rumored hardware changes for the Galaxy S8. Others include a pressure-sensitive display, removal of the home button, and dual rear cameras. Samsung has yet to give any official word on the phone, but if they stick to the usual Galaxy announcement schedule, the phones could be unveiled in February at Mobile World Congress. For an extensive list of Galaxy gossip. check out CNET's rumor roundup for the S8.

Samsung declined to respond to CNET request for a comment, saying instead that it does not comment on rumors or speculation.