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Galaxy S4 wins high marks for repairability from iFixit

The DIY tech repair site notes that Samsung "didn't reinvent the wheel" with the Galaxy S4, but in this case, it's a good thing.

A teardown of the Galaxy S4.

Don't worry, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy to repair and disassemble.

The folks at iFixit gave Samsung's phone an eight out of 10 for repairability, citing its removable battery and straightforward assembly.

The company noted that Samsung "didn't reinvent the wheel" with the Galaxy S4, but noted that from a repairability perspective, that was a good thing.

"Samsung is doing the right thing for their customers and the environment," iFixit said about the battery.

The teardown uncovered how the Galaxy S4 reads hand movements. The phone has two infrared sensors on either side of the earpiece speaker, allowing it to track sideways motion when you move your hand over the screen without touching it.

The Synaptics S5000B is under the screen and powering the phone's supersensitive touch screen, which works with gloves. Nokia's Lumia 920 had previously touted that feature as a key advantage.

A look at the guts shows Qualcomm as a major winner, supplying the LTE chip, multimode modem, power management components, and audio codec.

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