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Galaxy S4 vs S4 Mini vs S4 Active vs S4 Zoom in video

Which Galaxy S4 is right for you? Find out in our Samsung-scented smart phone smash-up!

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The Samsung Galaxy S4, the S4 Mini, the S4 Active and the S4 Zoom -- it seems like we can't even step out our front door without tripping over a new version of Samsung's swanky flagship.

We're well aware that the increasing number of S4s doing the rounds is making it tough to tell one phone from another, and can make choosing a Samsung smart phone a baffling affair. But help is en route!

Click play on the video above to see each version of the S4 in hands-on detail, and get a run-down on each phone's key features.

From the rough-and-tough S4 Active to the diminutive Mini and the Frankenstein's-monster-style S4 Zoom, we've got every version of Samsung's hottest blower covered, as well as a nod to the Galaxy S4 Google Edition -- the pure-Android phone that's only available to buy from the Google Play store in the US.

Which S4 is your favourite? Do you like that there's a range of different mobiles to choose from, or do you think that Samsung risks confusing customers by creating so many different devices under the same banner? Watch the video above, and let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.