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Galaxy S4 to hit 10 million sales next week, Samsung says

Samsung boss JK Shin reportedly reckons the S4 is selling much faster than the S3, and will hit the milestone next week.

Samsung is poised to have flogged a whopping 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phones, according to a report that also claims the S4 is selling much faster than last year's Galaxy S3.

Company boss JK Shin said that Samsung's newest smart phone will hit the 10 million milestone next week, Korea Times reports, with the company head honcho quoted as saying, "It is selling much faster than the previous model, S3."

An unnamed executive very recently said that the S4 had sold 6 million since its launch, though that report claimed the S4 could hit 10 million by the end of May, as opposed to next week.

Samsung is fond of divulging exactly how many millions of mobiles it's managed to sell, though the numbers usually refer to the number of phones shipped to retailers, rather than how many are actually occupying the pockets of shoppers.

If Samsung does reveal next week that it managed to sell 10 million S4 smart phones, then it would have hit the figure in under four weeks, having gone on sale worldwide on 26 and 27 April

Assuming the announcement is made next Wednesday (a random day picked for maths purposes), that would mean that Samsung has been selling roughly 385,000 S4s per day, since its launch.

By comparison, the Galaxy S3 hit the 10 million mark after about six weeks on sale, and Apple boasted that iPhone 5 sales topped 5 million during the phone's first three days on sale.

The 16GB S4 has come under fire in the UK for having only 8GB of usable storage, leading to a Watchdog investigation, and Samsung promising to try and free up more space with software optimisation.

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