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Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update hits Europe, with Galaxy Gear support

The fresh software is reportedly out in Germany, and will likely land in the UK before long.

New Android software for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has reportedly hit Europe, suggesting that UK S4 owners will soon be enjoying all that the version 4.3 update has to offer.

The latest version of Jelly Bean -- which is already up-and-running on Google's Nexus 4 -- has landed in Germany, SamMobile reports. I've contacted Samsung for confirmation that the update is indeed rolling out, and I'll update this story if I hear back.

A few days ago we reported on rumours that the fresh software would hit the S4 within weeks, and it looks like Samsung is going to match that. It often takes a while for new updates to make their way across multiple countries, so if your S4 is still telling you that there are no updates available, sit tight for now.

You'll likely be first in line for the Android 4.3 update if your phone was bought SIM-free. If your S4 was acquired via a network, this can slow things down -- as operators sometimes have to tweak new updates to work with their own software.

Galaxy Gear support

Android 4.3 brings minor tweaks to improve performance, but SamMobile reckons the update also introduces support for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch, which until now was only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3. Again, I've asked Samsung for confirmation on this point.

We criticised the Gear's lack of basic features in our review, as well as the fact that it only works with one phone. It'll be interesting to see if becoming compatible with more smart phones makes the Gear more tempting to shoppers.

Are you excited about Android 4.3, and how do you feel about Samsung's smart watch? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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