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Galaxy S3 for £338 as Asda cuts 10 per cent off all phones

The supermarket has discounted mobiles by 10 per cent across the board when you order online.

UK supermarket Asda has slashed an impressive 10 per cent off the price of all mobiles sold online, giving bargain-happy phone shoppers the chance to snatch a bargain from the lurid green food-monger.

Among the tempting offers is the Galaxy S3, discounted to a healthy £337.50 from its normal £375 price, ahead of the launch of its successor this evening. That's £37.50 cheaper than the price if you buy direct from Amazon.

That's a decent price for a smart phone that's still on top of its game, and while it's about to start playing second fiddle to the Galaxy S4, it doesn't change the fact that the Galaxy S3 is a cracking mobile. It would be a worthy choice if you don't fancy splashing out for the sequel, which is likely to be expensive.

Asda's deal, which I'm told by the supermarket kicked in yesterday, applies to every mobile bought online, both SIM-free and pay as you go.

Obviously spending more gets you a bigger discount overall -- other high-end mobiles given the discount treatment include the HTC 8X Windows Phone, yours for £345.60, and the Sony Xperia T, which has had its price cut to £310.50.

Those are certainly some tempting discounts, although as always, I'd advise anyone considering a purchase to shop around first to see if your smart phone of choice can be snapped up elsewhere for less dosh.

King of the cheap smart phones is the shockingly powerful Google Nexus 4, which can be yours direct from Google for a mere £239, and seems to have recovered from its troublesome stock issues.

What phone do you own? How much would you pay for a smart phone? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.