Galaxy S10 might have a 6.7-inch screen, 6 cameras and 5G

And it's bigger than the Note 9, if the report is accurate.

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A new report says that Samsung's 10th-anniversary Galaxy S10 , codenamed "Beyond," will not only come in big, bigger and biggest, but will now have another huge 6.7-inch model codenamed "Beyond X" sporting six cameras and incorporating the 5G tech that was previously rumored for one of the earlier three.

Sources for the Wall Street Journal indicated that the six cameras would be split between four in the back and two in the front; in addition to possibly offering more zoom options, the extra cameras could be used to provide more depth information for smarter background defocus modes (usually called "portrait" modes) and AR apps.

This development follows reports about three Galaxy S10 versions from the electronics giant, including budget models, at least one with an in-display fingerprint sensor and "punch-hole" selfie camera, and that Samsung will probably launch the S10 at Mobile World Congress in February, followed by the Galaxy X foldable phone launch in March.

If Samsung is indeed putting all its 5G eggs in the Beyond X's basket, that would allow it to ship the S10 at any time, since any 5G model's release is dependent on the availability of active 5G networks, which the WSJ's sources also point out. That's likely next spring.

Samsung declined to comment.

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