Galaxy Note 8 preorders may come with some serious extras

Samsung could follow its lead from last year and offer a bundled gift worth hundreds.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen
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Tyler Do

Samsung may be throw in some extra goodies for people who preorder the Galaxy Note 8 phone, according to frequent mobile tipster Evan Blass.

Samsung is set to unveil its next Galaxy phone on August 23. Some serious pressure is surrounding the Samsung event after the last Note phone, the Galaxy Note 7, shipped with faulty batteries that caused explosions and led to two separate product recalls. Since then Samsung has vowed better batteries and recommitted to the Note brand

With the grand announcement coming on August 23, Note 8 preorders may start as soon as the next day.

The rumor claims that a 256GB microSD card will come with Note 8 preorders, plus a choice of either a convertible wireless charger (a now-standard feature in Samsung's top phones) or a 360-degree camera. Although Samsung's Note 8 phone is likely to cost more than the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung seems to be carrying on the tradition of offering a bundle to sweeten the deal. The bundle represents hundreds of dollars in saving if you were to buy the pieces separately.

Last year Samsung released the Gear 360 camera, which paired well with Samsung's Galaxy phones, and since then it released a refreshed 2017 Gear 360 camera. Regardless if you are an aficionado of 360-degree video, the camera would make a nice little supplement if included with your new Note.

If you're a European customer, you may get a different bonus with your Note order. Instead of a microSD card, wireless charger, or 360 camera you may get a Samsung DeX dock as your "preorder gift," according to a second tweet from Blass.

It isn't clear if Samsung would also offer original Note 7 buyers a discount for buying the Note 8, but that's something we'd like to see.

Although the alleged preorder date is August 24, the Note 8 might not release until September 15, Blass tweeted separately. Samsung has said it will sell the Note 8 in September and October, depending on the region. 

We'll likely hear more about Note 8 availability next week during the Samsung event. So stay tuned to CNET and keep an eye out for more preorder info then.

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.