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Galaxy Note 8 LTE headed to Three for 4G tablet fun

The 4G-capable tablet should be out around September, Three tells us.

Samsung's 4G-capable Galaxy Note 8.0 will shortly arrive on numerical network Three, in time for 4G-mania to sweep the UK.

Confirming that the 8-inch tablet was en route via YouTube, Three says the tablet 'comes 4G-ready', which means it'll have a SIM-card slot for mobile data. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot the tell-tale signal bars at the top of the tablet's screen, in the video embedded below.

I spoke to Three and was told that we can expect the Note 8 to launch on its network around September, so we've only got a few weeks to wait.

While Samsung's iPad mini-rivalling slate has been on sale in the UK for a while now, no networks have offered the 3G-capable version, meaning shoppers have had to settle for the Wi-Fi only option, or splash out to buy the Note 8 LTE model SIM-free from a niche retailer.

We've reviewed the Wi-Fi only Note 8 already, and while we praised its stylus, screen and powerful processor, we weren't too keen on the high price. Here's hoping Three's sure-to-be-subsidised deals make this slate a bit more palatable.

Three 4G

While Vodafone, O2 and EE will all be charging more for the privilege of 4G access, Three has stated that it won't make customers pay more, and instead will roll the faster mobile data into its existing network, for an all-over speed boost.

We'll likely learn more about Three's 4G plans in the next few weeks, so stay tuned, and let me know whether you'd pay for the Note 8 in the comments or on our Facebook wall.