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Galaxy Note 3 tipped for 4 September, makes perfect sense

The date lines up with previous Note launches, making it the likely debut-date for Samsung's next big smart phone.

Samsung's next Note has been tipped to make its grand entrance in early September -- a debut date that lines up with previous years' Note launches.

The third Note will reveal itself to a crowd of assembled mortals on 4 September, Android.gs reports, citing 'a person close to the matter' who has apparently (and anonymously) divulged the details of Samsung's next major launch.

It'll apparently be one of the South Korean tech firm's 'Samsung Unpacked' events, and will take place in Berlin, just ahead of the IFA tech trade show that kicks off on 6 September, a few days later.

That global technology bunfight is where Samsung has chosen to reveal the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, so it makes sense that we'll see the third version -- which is tipped to have a skinnier bezel and an even bigger display -- make its annual appearance at the same event.

I was present in 2011 when Samsung showed off the first Note to a crowd of nonplussed reporters and industry types. Although many folks -- myself included -- couldn't initially see the merit of such a shockingly massive phone, Samsung's gamble paid off, and the Note proved popular.

CNET will be on the ground at IFA, wearing our fingers into bony stubs to hammer out all the details of new gadgets, so mark your calendars now, tech fans.

What do you want to see in Samsung's next Note? An even bigger display? More power? A fresh new design? Make a note in the comments, or on our perfectly proportioned Facebook wall.

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