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Galaxy Gear tops 800,000 units sold in two months

The device is selling better than Samsung expected, the company claims. But it's unclear whether those sales are sales to the retail channel or to the consumers.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch has exceeded the company's sales expectations, according to a new report.

Samsung told Reuters on Tuesday that it has sold 800,000 Galaxy Gear units over the past two months since the smartwatch has been on store shelves. Samsung didn't say how many units it had expected to sell, but said that sales have so far exceeded expectations.

Questions remain over the exact nature of Samsung's Galaxy Gear sales. Yonhap News is reporting that Samsung might have meant sales to the retail channel. In other words, Samsung could be saying that it has shipped 800,000 units and not actually sold them to consumers. Reuters, meanwhile, does not make the distinction between sales and shipments, which makes unclear the exact nature of the Galaxy Gear sales.

The Galaxy Gear hit store shelves earlier this year. The device was panned by several reviewers, including CNET's own editors, who said that while the Galaxy Gear "has some potential ... its inability to perform truly 'smart' functions means it falls short of expectations." CNET gave the device a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5.

CNET has contacted Samsung for clarification on the Galaxy Gear's sales figures.