Galaxy Fold reportedly sees screen damage after just one day

A TechCrunch reporter says his new Galaxy Fold is already having screen problems.

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Did the reboot help the Galaxy Fold? 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Already on sale in Korea and the UK, Samsung's revamped Galaxy Fold is set to arrive in the US on Friday, after the foldable phone's initial release was delayed because of screen problems. But the Fold's woes might not be over. On Thursday, TechCrunch's Brian Heater reported that a small defect appeared in the center of his Fold screen after about 27 hours with the phone. Heater described the defect as a "brightly colored, amorphous blob" slightly less than a centimeter across. 

Heater said the phone hadn't been "dropped on concrete, dunked in water or stepped on." His guess is that the problem was likely caused by pressing the display to close the device. Samsung reportedly collected his phone and is investigating the issue. 

CNET staffers who've been using the updated Fold haven't encountered any screen problems.

When reached for comment about the broken screen, Samsung said it encouraged phone owners to read the care instructions included with the Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has specific directions regarding care, including being gentle with the device. The phone's paperwork warns against applying excessive pressure, placing objects on the screen before closing it, exposing the Fold to water or dust, adding your own screen protector in addition to the included one, and keeping the phone next to easily deactivated objects like credit cards or implanted medical devices. 

"If [users] have any questions, Galaxy Fold owners can consult with Samsung product specialists through the Galaxy Fold Premier Service any time, any day," Samsung said in an emailed statement. 

"We have seen an enthusiastic response to the launch of the Galaxy Fold in several markets over the past few weeks, with thousands of consumers enjoying the unique experience it offers," Samsung added.

CNET's Shara Tibken contributed to this report. 

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