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Fusion Garage Grid10: Complete review of an incomplete tablet

Eric Franklin's review of Fusion Garage's latest tablet gets to the heart the device's squandered potential.

The Grid Launcher interface separates different types of apps into clusters; it's similar to the way folders work on the iPad 2.
Josh Miller/CNET

When I first saw the 44-page reviewer's guide that shipped with Fusion Garage's Grid10 review unit, I knew at the very least that I was in for an interesting experience.

Now, I love new and innovative technology. Well, I'm supposed to love it at least. Truth is, I only love new and innovative when it's executed well. New and innovative can go stuff it if it's frustrating to use.

The Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet has a unique OS interface, but...OK, I won't bury the lead here. It's not well-executed.

The Grid Launcher UI is different, but--along with its two-finger swipe navigation--feels half-baked and unfinished. Disappointing for sure. However, there may be a silver lining here. Most of the problems I had with the Grid10 could be fixed with a software update.

Luckily, Fusion Garage sees it this way as well. According to the company, the Grid10 will see a significant update in early November that addresses at least a few of the issues (like the two-finger swipe) I detail in the full review. Check back in November to see how well the updates are implemented.