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Funny Or Die's new app tells the weather and jokes

Funny Or Die Weather lets you start your day with the weather forecast and a one-liner.

Matt Elliott/CNET

The Will Ferrell-backed Funny Or Die comedy site has launched an iOS weather app, and the only joke about the app are the jokes it tells. The free app features real weather information from Weather Underground and a pleasingly simple and attractive design.

Funny Or Die Weather features background animations based on current conditions, similar to Yahoo Weather, along with a 24-hour hourly forecast, a five-day forecast and other weather information including wind, humidity and barometric pressure. The app also lets you save multiple locations.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

This should all sound familiar because Funny Or Die Weather looks and acts like a standard weather app. The funny bit comes in the form of a Daily Reminder, which must be weather-speak for a one-liner. Some of the app's jokes are weather-related, but many are not. You'll get one for each of your saved locations. Quit the app and relaunch it to refresh the Daily Reminder jokes. A Share button below the Daily Reminder lets you share the current conditions and joke via the usual avenues: text, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Funny Or Die CEO Dick Glover explained the importance of the new app: "Funny Or Die cofounders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are meteorologists first and businessmen second. As California residents, they know all too well the unpredictability of mother nature -- when you can swing wildly from a 78-degree sunny day to a 77-degree or 81-degree day without reason it can be unsettling. Safe, reliable weather forecasting can add some stability to the uncertain world."