Fund this: Petite Loop adds a wrist strap to your smartphone

This clever Kickstarter project leverages your existing case to provide a secure, inexpensive strap.

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Rick Broida
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JP Brousseau / Genèze

A wrist strap for your phone makes all kinds of sense.

When you're out walking the dog, for example, holding the leash and your phone in one hand while you futz with your gloves, and he suddenly yanks hard, sending the phone flying to the pavement -- well, a wrist strap would save you a really expensive screen repair. (Not that this has happened to me or anything.)

Of course, it's nearly impossible to add such a strap to your phone unless it's part of a special case. Enter Kickstarter project Petite Loop, which solves the problem by working with your existing case.

Specifically, one end of the loop sandwiches in between the back of your phone and the case, where pressure between the two and no-residue adhesive make for a secure bond. You can see this arrangement in action in the animated GIF above, as well as the end result here:

JP Brousseau / Genèze

Canadian creator JP Brousseau plans to offer the Petite Loop in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles, everything from herringbone patterns to Dalmatian prints.

The project has just under two weeks left, but it's already very close to hitting its CA$4,000 goal. There are a smattering of early-backer pledge options remaining, including CA$9 (about $8 in the US, plus $2 for shipping to any country; that's £6.25 or AU$11.30 in total) for a loop of your choice and CA$20 ($17.65, £11.35, AU$20.50) for three loops and free worldwide shipping. Delivery is expected by next month, so they should be available in time for gift-giving.

Your thoughts on this? Obviously it's not for everyone, but to me it seems a fairly ingenious way to add a secure strap to your phone -- ideal if yours frequently goes flying, or you're just worried it might.