From bars to the blogosphere, Nexus 4 gets around

You may not have to shell out for a drink at the 500 Club to catch a glimpse of the upcoming Android phone from LG. An alleged final rendering of the device has popped up online.

The Nexus 4?

If you wanna catch a glimpse of the latest, greatest smartphone before it gets released, you can cruise the bars in and around Silicon Valley hoping for a stray, or you can stay in your jammies and cruise the blogosphere.

Your chances might be just a little bit better online, but then again, you never really know if you're seeing the real deal.

Case in point: an alleged final rendering of LG's Nexus 4 device, courtesy of @evleaks on Twitter (and Android Police).

The device, the latest of Google's Nexus flagship Android phones, was expected to debut, along with Android 4.2, on Monday at an event in New York City, but we've just heard the event has been canceled because of Hurricane Sandy. We'll update you with a separate post when we know more.

So is this the final 4? We're not sure. But the image is certainly reminiscent of this leaked shot and these, and, um, these too.

I guess we could always ask the bartender at the 500 Club.