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Friday Poll: Do you use a wearable tech gadget?

Fitbits, and LG Gs, and Google Glasses, oh my! There are lots of wearable tech gadgets out there. Have any of them earned a place on your body?

Not everyone is into the watch form factor. Jason Jenkins/CNET

You can't turn around in the tech world without stubbing your toe on a new piece of wearable tech. We've come a long way from the early days of calculator watches to a whole environment filled with fitness trackers, smartwatches, and Google Glass.

Despite the availability of so many options, it still feels a bit rare to actually catch someone using one. Granted, those little Fitbits are easy to stuff out of sight, but Google Glass and wrist-worn gadgets still seem like they belong in the realm of early adopters. Perhaps the advent of the new Android Wear smartwatches will start to turn the tide. The much-rumored Apple iWatch would definitely spark some added interest in the wearable-tech field.

CNET's Nick Statt took a look at why wearable tech isn't booming as much as manufacturers would like. He found stories of abandoned tech that went from initially interesting to eventually bothersome when it seemed like keeping devices charged and collecting accurate data became issues. Wearable tech hasn't delivered a must-have gadget that appeals to a wide consumer base just yet.

I remember marveling at my father's Casio calculator watch when I was a kid. I always imagined getting one of my own someday, but it never happened. The closest I've gotten to adopting wearable tech was to try out a chest-mounted heart-rate monitor for a while. It was uncomfortable, and I soon ditched it.

I'm still hoping for some cool wearable gadget to come out that I just have to have, that I will look at with the same excitement as my father's watch. So far, lightning hasn't struck for me. But I have friends who are hooked on their Fitbits, and Google Glass fans are easy to spot when you see them out among the general populace.

Do you use a wearable tech gadget? Vote in our poll and tell us why you (or why you don't) wear your tech in the comments.