Free iPhone SMS backup tool from Micromat to debut

Free iPhone SMS backup tool from Micromat to debut

Ben Wilson

Micromat has announced the release of Syphone, a free utility for Mac OS X that allows the user to view, save, and back up their iPhone's SMS messages.

As previously noted, there is an artificial limit (1000) on the number of text messages that can be stored. In other words, though there may be a significant chunk of free memory on the device, the amount of text messages that can be stored is capped. This can result in the message "Your SMS mailbox is almost full. Please delete some messages."

With a utility like Syphone -- or the prior-mentioned MobileSyncBrowser, you can delete the messages from your phone while keeping their archived on your computer. Syphone offers a bit more functionality than MobileSyncBrowser, sporting these features:

  • View synced iPhone SMS messages
  • Archive SMS messages
  • Import/export SMS messages
  • View SMS messages offline in an iChat-like interface with selectable colors
  • Open Address Book contacts
  • View the number of sent and received messages for each contact
  • Support multiple iPhones

The new tool will soon be available as a free download from Micromat's Web site.

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