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Four new JCB phones: Tough as old boots

Grab your hard hat and safety vest, the mobile-phone equivalents of construction vehicles are here, with four rugged options to suit the accident-prone and adventure-loving among you.

JCB, the same company that makes construction equipment like forklifts and loaders, have released four new super-rugged mobile phones.

If something as precious as an iPhone 4 wouldn't last a minute in your pocket, these hard nut gadgets are targeted at you. Telco firm Data Select, who worked with JCB on the devices, said that although these phones were originally aimed at those who worked on a building site or in an outdoor trade, they were equally suitable for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The JCB Toughphone Pro and Toughphone Pro-Talk are priced at around £250, 100 per cent water and dustproof, and tested to IP67 and military specifications. Some pretty basic functionality is on offer here. Both phones have a dual SIM, GPS and GPRS, and can support up to 8GB of memory.

Obviously these aren't the specs of your next super smart phone, but they aren't bad for something that is built to take a good beating. The Toughphone Pro-Talk throws in an additional two-way radio, so you can use it as a walkie talkie with another Pro-Talk. 

The Sitemaster is even tougher than the Toughphone Pro, designed for a camping or extreme outdoor environment. It can withstand over one tonne of pressure, which means it could technically take the weight of an elephant. It's also 2m drop-tested, water and dust-resistant, and tested to military spec. Throw in a laser pointer, torch and wind-up charger, and it could be the perfect tool for your next rock festival mosh-fest. The Sitemaster will cost you £115.

The cheapest of the four JCB Phones is the Tradesman, which is 100 per cent water and dustproof, and can also float. As such, it's aimed at the water-sports enthusiasts among you. At £75, it's a basic phone simply for calling and texting, but you do get Bluetooth, an FM radio and a one-year warranty for that price.