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Fortnite for Android is now open to all, no invite necessary

Android players can get on the battle bus right away.

It just got easier to start playing Fortnite on your Android phone.

On Thursday, Epic Games announced that it's opening up the Fortnite beta to all compatible Android devices, no more invites needed.

Previously, if you wanted to play Fortnite on your Android you had to sign up by going to the Fortnite website on your phone. Once signed up, you had to wait for an email from Epic with an invite link. You can check out CNET's guide for installing Fortnite for Android here.

But as of Thursday, you don't need to wait for that invite. Just go to fortnite.com/android on your phone or on your computer and scan the QR code.

You'll still need a compatible Android device to play -- you can see the full list of Fortnite-compatible devices here.


Fortnite for Android launched as a Samsung Galaxy exclusive in August.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Epic decided to sidestep the Google Play store with Fortnite for Android, hence the somewhat complicated download process. While this gave Epic more control (and revenue), it also resulted in some security issues.

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