Fortnite for Android adds voice chat, support for HTC and Sony phones

Voice chat is kind of key to winning Fortnite as a team. Good to hear Android players are getting it today!

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

Fortnite is now available on more Android phones.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Epic Games just released v5.40 of the smash-hit game Fortnite. With the new update, the company is making Fortnite for Android playable on even more phones .

According to the patch notes, Epic Games has expanded support to include Motorola , HTC and Sony Xperia devices. Previously, Epic Games listed the following phones as unsupported:

But with v5.40 you may now be able to play Fortnite on these phones. CNET reached out for a list of specific devices that support Fortnite for Android, but Epic Games didn't immediately respond.

The v5.40 patch notes also include the Essential Phone as a newly supported device, even though it was already supported.

In addition to support for new phones, v5.40 also brings voice chat to the Android version. Since Fortnite can be played in squads and teams, being able to talk to other players is a big help.

Other updates include the new High Stakes event, The Getaway mode and new weapons and items like a grappling hook.