Focal's Listen Wireless headphone gets 'chic' new colors

Bored by basic black headphones? The highly rated Focal Listen Wireless now comes in blue, olive and purple.

Spring is here and that means the product refresh season is in full swing. But in the case of some products like Focal's Listen Wireless headphone, a refresh can just mean a new paint job.

The unfortunately named Listen Wireless Chic (pronounced sheik) is the colorful follow-up to last year's glossy black Listen Wireless. It costs $300 (£219 or AU$399) and comes in three colors: blue, olive and purple. 

You may not have heard of French audio company Focal, but among audiophiles its speakers and headphones stand in high regard. The Listen Wireless was the company's first crack at a full-size premium Bluetooth headphone.

I liked it. In my review last year I said, "This model served up rich, refined sound, with punchy, well-defined bass and relatively open, airy sound for a closed-back headphone. The mids sound natural and accurate." It's also sturdily built and pretty comfortable. 

The only problem I had with it was that it sounded a tad bright. It sounded great with some material -- it's designed to be revealing, but that also makes it a little unforgiving. 

As I said, the only thing that's changed is the range of available finishes. There are no upgrades to the drivers or the electronics.

The full array of color options.