Flash on Windows Phone 7 confirmed

Adobe has confirmed that Flash Player 10.1 is coming to Windows Phone 7, but there's confirmation that the OS won't be coming to the Windows Mobile-toting HTC HD2

Flora Graham

Hold on to your YouTube -- Adobe has confirmed that Flash Player 10.1 will come to the mobile version of Internet Explorer that's on Windows Phone 7 Series.

It won't be available on the first WinPhev phones, but Adobe's Mike Chambers wrote on his blog that Adobe and Microsoft are busy as beavers making it happen.

"I don't have an ETA or other specifics right now," said Chambers, "but it is something that both Adobe and Microsoft are working closely together on."

Android lovers can also expect to see Flash Player 10.1, starting with the Motorola Milestone and the Google Nexus One, according to the same post. HTC Hero owners will have to stick with Flash Lite because of its weaker hardware specs.

We advise you wait for official confirmation outside the forums, however, before investing your hard-earned cash in a Milestone or Nexus One based on its future support for Flash.

But all this prompts the question -- how long till we get mobile versions of Flash ad blockers?

Update: A previous version of this story reported a rumour that the first Flash Player 10.1 phone running Windows Phone 7 would be the HTC HD2, which runs Windows Mobile 6.5 and desperately needs an upgrade. Engadget has had confirmation from Microsoft that the HD2 will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7, as the handset doesn't comply with the operating system's hardware specifications.