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Fixing the iPhone sync freeze

Fixing the iPhone sync freeze

Several users are experiencing an issue where the iPhone synchronization (sync) process freezes partway through, never completing and sometimes causing a crash in iTunes. There are a few promising new fixes for this issue, as follows:

Kill CrashReport process (Mac only)

  1. Leave your iPhone connected (or plug it in if it is not already connected).
  2. Launch the application "Activity Monitor" located in /Applications/Utilities
  3. Look for the process called "MDCrashReportToo" (by searching in the upper right corner or organizing by name) and select it.
  4. Quit the MDCrashReportToo process and re-attempt the sync in iTunes.
  5. Deselect all sync options and isolate the problem
  1. Leave your iPhone connected (or plug it in if it is not already connected).
  2. Deselect all sync options. This requires going to the Info, Ringtones, Music, Photos, Podcasts and Video tabs and unchecking every box.
  3. Sync your iPhone. Note that this may result in deletion of some data from the iPhone.
  4. Re-attempt a sync with all of your normal options. If it fails, try checking only one or two sync options and repeat the process until you find the problematic sync data.
Disconnect from the Internet
  • Simply break your system's network connection (unplug an Ethernet cable or turn off wireless connectivity if necessary) and re-attempt the sync.

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