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Five seriously fun photo apps for your iPhone

iPhone photography doesn't have to end when you tap the shutter-release button. These five apps give you the tools to tweak, share, and more.

Framed for iPhone turns snapshots into album covers, framed art, yearbook photos, and more.

The iPhone may not have the world's best camera, but when it comes to having fun with photos, there's no better device.

The App Store offers countless apps devoted to tweaking, morphing, framing, sharing, or just generally improving your snapshots. I've rounded up five I think any iPhone owner will enjoy.

1. Framed You know those novelty "Wanted" posters you can have made up at state fairs and carnivals? Framed (99 cents) lets you paste photos onto posters, milk cartons, album covers, and about 30 other nifty scenes. You can then share the results via e-mail or post them straight to Facebook. Try the free Lite version before you buy, and check out the similar freebie Photofunia as well.

2. Gorillacam This isn't so much about photo fun as it is photo convenience. Gorillacam serves up a self-timer, a time-lapse option, 3-shot burst mode, a bubble level, and a full-screen shutter--same as many other apps, but this one's free and refreshingly easy to use.

Wink creates on-the-fly photostrips, then prints and mails them to anyone you want.

3. HazelMail Postcards Wish they were here? HazelMail turns any snapshot into an actual postcard, then mails it anywhere in the world--complete with your personalized message. The app itself is free; postcards cost about a buck apiece. That's a square deal considering you don't have to hunt down postage stamps or a mailbox.

4. Splash of Color Pick any photo on your iPhone. The app creates a grayscale copy, then lets you "paint back" areas of color. The tools are fairly basic--there's no zoom option, nor a way to share color-splashed photos (you can save them, though)--but it doesn't matter: the app is fast, easy to use, and ridiculously fun. Even better, it's free.

5. Wink Created by photo service Shutterfly, Wink turns any 3-5 photos (from your iPhone and/or Facebook and Flickr accounts) into a "photostrip"--not unlike what you'd get from one of those old-fashioned photo booths. Then choose one or more recipients (including yourself) and Shutterfly will snail-mail the 'strip. It's like a sexier version of HazelMail, but pricier, too: Photostrips costs $2.50 apiece. Still, it's a really fun way to share a batch of snapshots.

OK, those are my picks. Now let's hear yours. If you've found an app that makes iPhone photography more fun, tell me about it!